09 Oct

The Pierre Carapetian Group have an excellent way to invest money in a real estate property without all the usual worries that come with purchasing such properties. The biggest issue with pre construction investing is the risk factor that is associated with them. The biggest risks occur when the project becomes more of a challenge than expected. Unfortunately, these types of projects usually end up costing more to develop because of the increased expenses that go into putting a building on the market. So, the big question often revolves around what should a potential buyer look for when looking to invest in a pre construction condo investment?

Buyer Beware Of Final Closing Costs: One of the biggest things people tend to overlook when investing in pre units is the final closing costs that are associated with the deal. Most projects will have final closing costs. These costs are generally associated with the developer and may not be tied to the developer's own financing. Buyers should always demand that the developer provide them with a full disclosure of any and all closing costs so that they can make an informed decision about investing. If the developer is unwilling to provide any documentation, then this is an area where buyers should feel more comfortable in declining the offer.

Buyers Should Consider Financing: In some cases, pre-construction condo investments are offered with the opportunity for financing through the builder. This is a great option if buyers are confident that their financing will cover the costs of building the condo. It also allows buyers to lock in a lower interest rate at closing. Unfortunately, this option will not be available to every buyer. As a result, buyers should make sure to negotiate any final closing costs (such as acquisition fees and final closing costs) before making a commitment to purchase. Learn more information about pre-construction condos.

The Best Way to Invest: One of the best ways for buyers to secure financing for pre-construction condos is to work directly with the builder. Builders understand that most people seeking to invest in pre-construction condos are motivated by both financial stability and a need to invest in a newly constructed unit. As such, many builders offer financing options including standard interest rates and/or interest on purchasing loans with a long term fixed period.

In addition to working directly with the developer, it is also important to look for pre-sale announcements from the builder. As a general rule, the developer will not be making any announcements regarding any pre-sale condos until he/she has sold all of his/her pre-construction units. For this reason, it is important for potential buyers to ask the developer about any announcements concerning assignment sales and/or final closings. By looking for any announcements, you can better determine whether or not your chosen pre-construction condo will meet your needs. Check out this post for more details related to this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_staging.

There is one important caveat to remember when looking for announcements regarding final closings and assignment sales: you must ask the builder whether these announcements will be made prior to selling the final condo. Many builders will only make these announcements prior to the sale of the final condo; others will make them prior to the first anniversary of closing. If you find a builder who is willing to make these announcements before the close of the deal, your best bet is to invest with the builder. This is especially true if you are looking for information on any upcoming projects.

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